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Things belonging to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)and His Loved Ones




Must See The Miracle Of Allah(S.W.T)

SUBHAN ALLAH kiya shaan hei ALLAH S W T ki.


The Beauti ful miracle of Allah. Allah written in the sky Clearly in 21 March 2008 or 12 rabi ul awal.this is very wonderful scene.

Miracle by Allah Must Watch Subhanallah

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Opening of the Ka_aba Door

While on Umrah, I was blessed with the opportunity to see the opening and internal cleaning of the Ka'aba.
On the morning of the 2nd of August, after Fajr Prayer we decided to do Twaf (Circumambulation of the Ka'aba) and on our last circuit we saw a carriage of wooden steps approach the Ka'aba door.
The crowds started to push and it felt worser than Hajj! I reached for my camera and began to record an witness one of the most Rarest and gifted events in the Islamic world.

Miracle of Islam in Nepal-mosque minarets head flying

This is some miracles of Allah. Sory, bad quality its 3gp. thanks for watching, please rate this video. Btw, this arent my video

mat praying in empty mosque before salat fajr one of many signs of qayama

Lakshmi Tatma 8 limbed Indian girl

Must See The Miracle Of Allah(S.W.T)

subhan allah- the tree man (Mircles of allah)


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Zuma Deluxe Game - Download and Play Free Version!

Zuma Deluxe Game - Download and Play Free Version!
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Frog-like Baby Was Born In Nepal

Frog-like Baby Was Born In Nepal
A frog-like baby was born in Nepal two years ago but died after half an hour of its birth. I pity the baby; his father didn’t care about the baby’s death and parading the poor freak in a pot around the streets.
On 2006, this bizarre-looking baby was born in Charikot, the headquarters of Dolakha district, attracting a huge number of onlookers to witness the astonishing sight.
The neck-less baby with its head almost totally sunk into the upper part of the body and with extraordinarily large eyeballs literally popping out of the eye-sockets, was born to Nir Bahadur Karki and Suntali Karki at the Gaurishnkar Hospital in Charikot. The Karki couple is a permanent resident of Dolakha’s Bhirkot VDC.
The bizarre baby, however, died after half an hour of its birth, Suntali, the mother, informed. It was taken to the hospital after its death. The news about such a baby being brought to the hospital spread like wildfire and there were hundreds gathered at the hospital to have a look. The police had to be deployed to control the crowd.


Funniest Picture

Funniest Picture

Would you like to play with us?


World’s Biggest Diamond Mine

World’s Biggest Diamond Mine
World’s Biggest Diamond Mine is located at Mirna, Eastern Siberia, Russia. The mine is 525 meters (1,722 ft) deep and has a diameter of 1,200 m (3,900 ft).
This giant truck, BELAZ (200-220 ton payload ) (see Figure 1), looks like small spot on next picture (see Figure 2). The truck in the picture, one of the biggest in the world, is just a small point in comparison to the diamond mine.
The mine was discovered on June 13, 1955 by Soviet geologists Yuri Khabardin, Ekaterina Elagina and Viktor Avdeenko during the large Amakinsky Expedition in Yakut ASSR. They found traces of volcanic rock kimberlite which are usually associated with diamonds. This finding was the first success in the search for kimberlite in Russia, after numerous failed expeditions of the 1940s and 1950s. For this discovery, in 1957 Khabardin was given the Lenin Prize, which was one of the highest awards in the Soviet Union.
The development of the mine had started in 1957 in extremely harsh climate conditions. Seven months of winter per year froze the ground into permafrost, which was hard in winter, but turned into sludge in summer. Buildings had to be raised on piles, so that they would not sink in summer, and the main processing plant had to be built on a better ground found 20 km away from the mine. The winter temperatures were so low that car tires and steel would shatter and oil would freeze. During the winter, the workers used jet engines to defreeze and dig out the permafrost or blasted it with dynamite to get access to the underlying kimberlite. The entire mine had to be covered at night to prevent the machinery from freezing.

Crazy Cricket Fans Photos For World Cup 2011

Crazy Cricket Fans Photos For  World Cup 2011
 World cup is one event that cricket fans look forward to.
This is the biggest tournament in the field of cricket and everyone wants to see how their favorite player and teams fare against their opponents on the field.
Cricket has a huge fan following and especially during world cup tournament fans become all the more involved with all that is happening during the entire course of the tournament. Some cricket fans got crazy and come with some unique style.
Here are some photos of such fans taken from world cup 2011.


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