Road Rash 2002 Game Free Download

Road Rash 2002 Game Free Download
There’s been some rumors flying around that a Road Rash update was coming to the current generation of consoles but I have yet to read anything that confirms it. That being said, we need a new Road Rash and we need it now. In a world of puffy and cute Mario Karts, it’s time we get to enjoy some racing brutality. Road Rash was a Genesis game that had you riding your crotch rocket motorcycle while fending off other bikers with weapons like crowbars, bats and chains. Not bad.

Road Rash had a lot of sequels over a short period of time, the last title being on the Playstation. However, with today’s high end consoles and connectivity, Road Rash just lends itself to super online play. We’re talking motorcycles here so having no less than eight opponents at once shouldn’t be a problem. But one thing a Road Rash remake doesn’t need to be is open world. We already have Burnout for that, so please stick to the Road Rash roots – linear roads and lots of weapons. Just think Mortal Kombat on motorcycles.



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