Ultimate Spider Man Download Free Full PC Game

Ultimate Spider Man Download Free Full PC Game
Spider-man is back and he’s better than ever, with a brand new look and a manic action-packed, story-driven adventure that pits him against a veritable who’s who of the Super Villain world, including one of the comic series’ all-time popular villains.

Designed by Dr. Edward Brock and Dr. Richard Parker (Peter’s father) the Venom suit was conceived in an attempt to develop a cure for cancer. Recently, the two men’s sons—Peter Parker and Eddie Brock Jr.—discovered the final remaining sample of the Venom suit. By experimenting with it, they unwittingly unleashed the nightmarish presence of Venom.

After a crazed battle, Eddie and the Venom suit vanished in a flash of electricity. Peter, unfortunately learns one fundamental rule of the super hero business: “If there’s no corpse—the guy’s alive.”

Now, three months later, Peter Parker continues his double life as both high school student and Spider-Man. Unbeknownst to Peter, Venom is terrorizing the streets of New York once again. As are the usual assortment of psycho super villains. It’s all going to add up to a frenzied adventure for gamers everywhere.Ultimate Spider-Man is a game based on the comic book namesake.The game begins with a recap of the first battle of Spider-Man against Venom before he disappeared. This battle is in the field of football high school on a rainy night before finishing in the middle of the street where Venom is believed dead after stepping on an electric cable.
Minimum System Requirements
Pentium III 1.2 GHz or 1.2 GHz Athlon
256 MB of RAM

Windows 2000/XP compatible 3D video card with Direct X 9.0c at least 64 MB
3500 MB of hard disk space.

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